Connected Data for Connected Products


Data Context Hub boosts your lifecycle-spanning and holistic data integration and aggregation to the next level.

Our Mission

The Mission of Data Context Hub is to make context and knowledge in data accessible and usable across domains to foster efficiency and sustainability.

With the developed methods and technology, we enrich data and transform isolated data silos into valuable consistency and context.

Data Context Hub provides enabling technology for connected engineering, lifecycle integration, and Digital Twins.


Why should you use Data Context Hub ?

Traceability of heterogeneous data

Graph-based data aggregation establishes a net of causal relations between your data. This allows seamless navigation on the data and experiencing impact chains and system perspective. Any perspective on consistent data can be provided.


Enterprise data and knowledge model

Knowledge is manifested in the context of data. Data Context Hub keeps all sources as the data origin, but allows you to define your enterprise specific model of data and relations – your core business knowledge.

Smart environment for effective data integration

The intuitive graph builder web application is a powerful cockpit for data engineers and allows the no-code data integration and aggregation without deep IT knowledge. Thereby, it reduces effort of data integration up to 10 times.

Connect brownfield and greenfield

Flexibility of the integration environment as well as customizable source connector services allow to bridge between brownfield and greenfield IT technology and environment.

Raise value of data

Consistency and situation-based availability of data as well as context enrichment raise the quality and the value of your data drastically. This will boost your processes and in parallel reduce development and lifecycle failures due to inconsistent data significantly.

Characteristics & Features

Graph-based Data Integration

Cloud Infrastructure / Web-based

Graph Builder Web Service

Graph Security Layer

Frontend Web Application



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